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180-280 FPS GLOW IN THE DARK gel balls 5 Bags

180-280 FPS GLOW IN THE DARK gel balls 5 Bags

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AKgelblaster's professional gel balls give you the greatest value and quality of gel balls at the best price in the market. The 150-280 FPS Glow IN THE DARK Gel Balls is the ideal gel balls for running with your tracer, it is harder than other gel balls in the market, no problems to run with mag-fed or hopper fed gel blasters.

Reminder: The glow in the dark gel balls need a tracer to be seen. 


  1. A bag consists of around 6000 gel balls
  2. Resist 1.2kg impact force
  3. Maximum size: 7.4mm

Recommend to run the glow in the dark gel balls with gel blasters which shoot up to 280 FPS. If your gel blasters shoots over 300 FPS, recommend to run with the milky white gel balls with the rainbow effect of the tracer (if it has the rainbow function). 

Steps to grow the gel balls:

  1. Put the gel balls under water for around 4 hours to grow to 7.3mm in diameter if the inner barrel is 7.5mm. Be reminded that glow in the dark gel balls require more time to glow to the same size compared to other gel balls.
  2. Drain away excessive water, but don't dry them completely without any moisture!
  3. Fill your mag with gel balls and start your game!

Reminders from AKgelblaster:

1. Store the gel balls in sealed container away from direct sunshine

2. In order to get the best experience from the gel balls, it is suggested to use the grown gel balls in an week instead of growing the full bags of gel balls in one go and store for months. They would work but the quality of gel balls decrease over time and become easier to crush.

3. The grow time depends on location and is an aproximate time only.

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