Experience the thrill of gel blasting like never before with AKgelblaster's realistic range of gel blasters and upgrade parts. Transform your playtime into an action-packed adventure!

All Upgrade Parts and Accessories

Drums and Magazines for Blasters

Buy extra drums and magazines for your gel blasters, thrill your game with fast loading high capacity mags and drums NOW.

Gel Balls

Don't forget to pick the best gel balls for your gel blaster!

Hop Ups - Upgrade your Blasters

Improve the shooting distance and accuracy of your gel blasters with a hop up.

Available: LDT Warinterest 11mm universal hop up, Rock 11mm Universal hop up.

Batteries and Charger

Battery and Charger are essential for you to start the game play. Stock battery and charger coming with the parcel are usually less powerful and with a shorter lifespan. Get a better battery and charger can improve the quality of your play and performance of your blaster!

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Gel blasters and gel blaster guns


How does gel blaster work?

Gel blasters are a kind of AEG powered by rechargeable battery with a spring or gas, which push the gel ball out of the barrel. The gel balls used are environmental friendly and does not lead to bleeding when hitting your skin.

Is it legal to buy a gel blaster in USA, UK and Europe?

Gel blaster is a toy that is legal for everyone in USA (except in New York and Chicago). You should check any additional requirements or restriction from your location before placing an order.

Gel blaster is also legal in the United Kingdom and most European Union Countries. Please check the shipping policies for details.

Where can you buy a gel blaster in USA, UK and EU?

AKgelblaster started from the craze in Puerto Rico in the summer of 2022. Since then, we extended speedy delivery of fully assembled gel blaster in United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden and Belgium and more European countries. The shipping duration is approximately 2-5 working days when shipped by Express, excluded the duration for customs clearance.

When you purchase from AKgelblaster, you can be sure you get a high quality gel blaster at a reasonable price from an expert of Gel Blaster, and with our support all the way.

What are the best gel blasters?

The gel blaster that suit your purpose will be your best gel blaster. CYMA M4 gel blaster is a recognized best blaster to start from. XYL ARP9 5.0 gel blaster is the best performance and most consistent gel blaster out of the box.

The best gel blaster does not necessarily shoots as hard as the airsoft, but it gives you excitment with your friends in a battle. In a battle, it is more fair to hold a gel blaster with a limit in FPS so that all parties are battling equally.

How long does it take to get your gel blaster?

We will send your order in the next 2 working days except out of stock or custom upgrade blaster when shipped from our international warehouse in Hong Kong. You will receive your order in 2-5 working days once it is shipped by Express. Shipment from Tennessee subject to longer preparation time.

If you do not get your tracking number in 3 working days, you can send us an email.

What should you do if there are issues with the package?

At AKgelblaster, we care your needs as much as you do.

If you have issues like wrong package or demaged package, please shoot us an email within 7 days after receiving the package, we will try to fix before offering a replacement, please email to customersupport@akgelblaster.com

If you encounter technical issues with the package, please send an video within 30 days including the process of filling the magazine with gel balls untill full, connecting the gel blaster with the charged battery, priming the magazine and shooting. We will review the issue and advise the next step accordingly. We send out parts free of charge if it is due to product issues.

What is a gel blaster?

Gel blasters, also known as gel guns, splatrball guns, hydro blasters, water bead blasters or gelsofts, are toy guns similar in design to airsoft and paintball guns.

They are used for CQB and tactical games. Gel blasters use soft gel balls made of water as ammunition which makes them safe for both kids and adults. Gel blasters originated in Australia and some countries have banned airsoft. This led to the development of tactical gel blasters which were a safer alternative to airsoft and paintball guns. Gel blasters come in a variety ranging from small pistols to large rifles, GBB blasters (gas blow back) or AEG blasters (Automatic Electric Gun). They can be powered by either spring-loaded mechanisms or electric motors. In America, AKgelblaster as an US expert of gel blasters, is the best place to buy gel blasters.

Will the custom seize your gel blaster?

At AKgelblaster, we export gel blasters with the same standard as airsoft to USA, UK, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Austria, Czechia, Switzerland, Chile and Poland legally.

However, you need to be responsible for fulfilling the import requirements for airsoft (or gel blasters) from your custom.