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CYMA MP5 v2 Gel Blaster - latest 2023 July version

CYMA MP5 v2 Gel Blaster - latest 2023 July version

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CYMA MP5 v2 is likely the best value MP5 gel blaster in the market from now on! The CYMA MP5 V2 is as reliable as always, and comes with big improvements and features compared with the earlier models. Bored with the JM MP5 v2 and wants a more advanced MP5? The new CYMA MP5 v2 Gel Blaster is definitely your choice.



  1. Safe / Semi-auto / Auto mode
  2. Blowback action
  3. Charging handle attached to the recoil plate
  4. v2 gearbox
  5. Metal inner barrel
  6. Standard -14ccw threaded outer barrel allows you to attach standard silencer/suppressor.
  7. Remoulded upper and lower receiver design
  8. Quick release muzzle design


  1. CYMA MP5 v2 Gel Blaster 
  2. CYMA MP5 v2 mag
  3. 7.4v battery and 7.4v USB charger
  4. A bag of gel balls
  5. Safety glasses
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