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XYL Remington M870 Shotgun Dart and Gel Ball Blaster

XYL Remington M870 Shotgun Dart and Gel Ball Blaster

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Add the XYL M870 Shotgun to your collection! The XYL M870 Shotgun in white is made of nylon and metal material, shoots both foam dart and gel balls. Come with abundant accessories, enjoy the fun at home or backyard! 


  1. Abundant accessories
  2. Shoots gel balls and foam darts
  3. manual mode


  1. XYL M870 Shotgun
  2. 5 x Bullet Shell for foam darts
  3. 5 x Bullet Shell for gel balls/ 7.3mm foam balls
  4. Tactical Flashlight,
  5. Laser Oointer,
  6. 2 x Metal Rail Strap, 
  7. Belt,
  8. Pack of Parts, Darts, Gel Balls.
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