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XYL ARP9 v4.0 WHITE Gel Blaster Gun Stormtrooper Blaster Star Wars limited edition

XYL ARP9 v4.0 WHITE Gel Blaster Gun Stormtrooper Blaster Star Wars limited edition

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The latest version of XYL ARP9 v4.0 gel blaster equipped with metal gears and an upgraded mosfet, enabled stable and the state-of-the-art performance.

Review the YouTube video on the performance of XYL gel blaster:


  • Nylon Construction
  • Metal gears
  • Automatic
  • Magazine fed
  • Adjustable Buttstock
  • Uses 7-8mm gels
  • Mosfet control


  • 1 x Brand New XYL ARP V4 Gel Blaster
  • 1 x Magazine 
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • Parts and accessories as shown in the specification


  • Use with 7.4v battery only.
  • Reminded to charge your battery before use, and avoid charging them only when they are fully drained.
  • Take out the battery if you are not using the gel blaster.

Comparison of the XYL ARP9 4.0 and the HLF ARP9, which one is better?

Both XYL ARP9 4.0 and HLF ARP9 are good choice, they differ in quality, performance, variance and available parts, below is a comparison:

  • Build quality: XYL ARP9 have better quality than HLF ARP9, XYL comes with a stronger and thicker nylon body, it weights heavier than the HLF ARP9. Also, XYL ARP9 comes with a 4.0 mosfet which is more tolerable to 11.1v battery compared to v3.5. While HLF ARP9 doesn't have mosfet installed. The single shot from HLF ARP9 gel blaster is less stable.


  • Performance: Both the XYL ARP9 and the HLF ARP9 are known for having good performance, but XYL ARP9 performs better in terms of accuracy and speed. XYL ARP9 shoots 270fps on average, while HLF only shoots around 230FPS.


  • Availability: The HLF ARP9 is more widely available than the XYL ARP9, and is often easier to buy a HLF ARP9 everywhere.

Please note that the product is produced by XYL based on the G&G ARP9 model. The box was printed with G&G but it has no affiliation with G&G.

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