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Modular Tracer Kit

Modular Tracer Kit

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The Modular Tracer Kit for Gel Blaster provided the highest flexibility for you to equip your gel blaster with a tracer, different style of suppressor ( the tracer unit can be housed by common third party suppressor) and hop up without efforts.

Apart from a tracer, the kit also comes with a hop up adapter and a metal hop up, not just enable your gel blasters to shoot with higher accuracy, but also adapting the hop up to the tracer for shooting at night.


- CNC Alloy Adapter for adapting the hop up and the tracer.

- Universal Hop Up: Work for gel blasters with inner barrel longer than the outer barrel by 0.8 - 2cm. Otherwise, there need to be enough space(at least 1mm) between the inner barrel and the outer barrel, while the ID for the inner barrel is less than 10mm (most common alloy barrel comes with 9.5mm outer barrel).

- Tracer Unit: Comes with 9 effects, work with milky white gel balls for the first 8 effects, glow in the dark gel balls work with the UV light effect. 

  1. Rainbow
  2. Marquee
  3. Red 
  4. Purple
  5. Blue
  6. Light green
  7. Green
  8. Yellow
  9. UV light

- Operating the tracer unit: 

  1. Click once: change effects 
  2. Click through all effects to the last effect (purple color), the next click will turn off the power.
  3. Click and hold for 5 seconds: Turn on the UV light ( if you use glow gels)
  4. Leave it for 5 minutes: Auto switch off the power.
  5. Click and hold on 2 seconds: Change the frequency according to the fps of your gel blaster: 180, 230, 300

- Tracer shell: 3D printed plastic shell, you can enquire us for the 3D file for making your own one. The tracer kit can be housed in common suppressor as well with inner diameter larger than 27.5mm (The inner diameter of the tracer unit is 27.5mm.)





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