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UDL SIG SAUER P320 M17 Pistol Gel Blaster

UDL SIG SAUER P320 M17 Pistol Gel Blaster

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The UDL P320 M17 is a high quality EBB ( electric blowback) pistol gel blaster, feeling solid in hand, it is a two in one blaster, it shoots gel balls and at the same time, is a laser gun. 

Reminder from AKgelblaster:

The version of P320 you ordered from AKgelblaster will be the final version from UDL in Apr 2023 which resolved all major and minor issues from the earlier batches.


  1. Electric blow back
  2. Functional bolt catch
  3. Metal barrel and all internal gears
  4. One click to slide out the mag from the handgrip
  5. Come with 7.4v battery, designed to run with 11.1v battery as well.
  6. Shoots 190-200fps out of the box with 1.1mm spring. Eliminate air leakage and replace the 1.1mm spring with 1.2mm spring directly to shoots 230-240fps.
  7. Shoots with high accuracy even without a hop up.



  1. 1 x UDL P320 M17 Pistol Gel Blaster
  2. 1 x miniature from UDL
  3. 1 x 7.4v battery (battery placed inside the magazine)
  4. 1 x 7.4v USB charger
  5. 1 x goggles


1. How to make the UDL P320 M17 shoots gel balls.

2. How to connect the blaster with battery.

3. How to fill the magazine with gel balls.


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