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Stainless Steel EP Inner Barrel for Gel Blaster 9.5mm OD

Stainless Steel EP Inner Barrel for Gel Blaster 9.5mm OD

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Inner diameter

The inner barrels for gel blaster typically made in Alloy or Stainless Steel. The advantages of stainless steel inner barrel for gel blasters is increased weight and rigidity to minimize vibration. 

This Stainless Steel EP Inner Barrel is the best inner barrel for gel blaster, the bore is super-smooth finished by electropolishing. Unlike hand polished Stainless Steel inner barrel, Electro polished Stainless steel inner barrel eliminates a homogenous layer of surface material to create a smooth, debris-free bore

It is the best option if you want to achieve the best result of your tactical gel gun.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Inner diameter: 7.5mm
  • Outer diameter: 9.5mm
  • Length: Default 35mm (Please click "chat with us" to tell us the required length you need)



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