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JM New Gen 8 M4A1 Gel Blaster with metal barrel and metal gears (Apr 2023 new version)

JM New Gen 8 M4A1 Gel Blaster with metal barrel and metal gears (Apr 2023 new version)

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JM New Gen 8 M4A1 is a top-of-the-line gel blaster, containing casted metal gears and metal piston, a metal inner barrel and a higher strength gearbox compared to the old version of Gen 8. With improved functionality and greater durability. You can shoots semi-auto or full auto now with the new Gen 8, it comes with mag-prime functionality. The new version of JInming Gen 8 gel blaster is ready to run with 11.1v battery, it is an ideal choice for anyone seeking for a good blaster out of the box at a good price! 

What are the new features of the latest Gen 8 Gel Blaster compared to the old version?

  • Safe, semi auto and auto mode
  • Mag-prime
  • Metal inner barrel 
  • Casted metal gears with metal teeth piston
  • Improved Gen 8 nylon gearbox


  • 1 * new Gen 8 Gel Blaster 
  • 1 * Mag
  • 1 * bag of gel balls 
  • 1 * sight

Reminder: The new JM Gen 8 Gel Blaster does not comes with a battery or a USB battery charger, AKgelbaster provided the option to add a high quality Boslipo battery and a B3 charger (20W) to your parcel at the best price!

What are the must-pick accessories when ordering the new Gen 8 Gel Blaster?

We highly recommend you to get a 19mm to -14mm ccw adapter, with this adapter, your new Gen 8 gel blaster can fit into most silencer and tracer available.

Also, we suggest you to grab a JM drum, which holds 800-1000 gel balls!

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