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CYMA M4 Gel Blaster Metal Upgrade Set

CYMA M4 Gel Blaster Metal Upgrade Set

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 The CYMA M4 gel blaster upgrade set can improve the initial speed, consistency and durability of your gel blaster. 

Time to get your hands dirty!


  • Shim kit
  • Bearings kit
  • Double o-ring metal piston head and metal nozzle
  • Cylinder made of stainless steel
  • Piston with steel teeth
  • Metal gears (18:1)
  • M90 Spring made of steel (1.2mm)
  • LDT Warinterest tapper plate
  • New CYMA T-piece and metal inner barrel
  • A spare o-ring

You can click "Chat with us" to consult if you would like changes to the specification of the kit before ordering.

If you opt for getting a CYMA M4 upgraded version, the lead time for the upgrade work will be around 5 days.

Reminders from AKgelblaster:

  1. You need to be skilled so that the gears are shimmed to the optimal level to have performance improvement to your gel blaster. You need to apply grease for the gears, and apply glue for some parts. Therefore, the performance of your gel blaster is not guaranteed after your upgrade.
  2. You don't need to apply everything in one time. Replacing the nozzle, piston head, t-piece and inner barrel can already get you better initial speed.
  3. When you open your gearbox, the warranty of the gel blaster will be voided. Therefore, think about enquiring a professional to upgrade the gel blaster for you.
  4. The metal upgrade kit is for CYMA M4 Gel Blaster.


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