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Review differences between Jinming M4A1 Gen 8 and M4A1 Gen 9

If you are planning to get a gel blaster and particularly M4 series, you probable come across the JINMING M4A1 GEN8 AND JINMING M4A1 GEN9, the M4A1 GEN9 cost much more than the GEN8, and both of them are on v2 gearbox.

What are the differences between the JINMING GEN8 and JINMING GEN9?





Auto, Manual Auto, Semi-auto, Manual
Weight Weight less Weight heavier and distributed
Gears ABS Plastic Nylon 
Gearbox The end part of the gearbox will be shred and not durable. The gearbox is improved, with fragile areas enhanced so that it is more durable
Motor 460 with short shaft 460 with long shaft


Summary of our review for the JINMING M4 Gel Blaster:

The M4A1 GEN8 has been a very popular pick in the past few years, as there are a lot of compatible parts available for upgrades, which can push it to 260-280FPS. However, the internal and even the gearbox itself will wore faster.

Today with the M4A1 GEN9, with simple upgrade on the spring to 1.2mm and the motor into 480, your gel blaster can attain 300FPS conveniently. Therefore, even M4A1 GEN9 cost more, we recommend GEN9 for you.

Below shows you the differences between M4A1 Gen 8 Gearbox and M4A1 Gen 9  Gearbox:

Gen 8  gearbox:

jinming gen 8 gearbox


Gen 9 gearbox:

jinming gen 9  gearbox



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