General instruction to get start with your gel blaster

1. How to grow the gel balls?

  • You should pour a minimum of 2L of clean water into a large container and add 1/4 packet of gel balls to it.
  • We recommend you to use the Predictive Friction Gel Balls to ensure consistent size and shape.
  • Allow these gel balls to grow until they reach 7.3mm in diameter, which typically takes 2-3 hours depending on water quality.
  • To use in your gel blaster, simply remove the gel balls from the water, use a towel to remove extra water.
  • Store the extras in an airtight container away from sunlight.


2. How to take care of the battery?

  • To properly care for your battery, use a T4 charger or B6 charger if possible.
  • When charging a 7.4v battery with a B3 charger, it is fully charged when 2 lights turn green.
  • Once fully charged, unplug the battery immediately.
  • For an 11.1v battery, it is fully charged when 3 lights turn green.
  • Remember to unplug the battery as soon as it is fully charged.
  • If the battery becomes slow, charge it right away to avoid permanent damage and the possibility of it becoming a "spicy-pillow".


3. How to get ready to shoot?

  • Open the magazine by releasing the mag clip, then fill it with gel balls until it is 80% full.
  • Connect the gel blaster to a battery, making sure not to pull the cable too hard when unplugging it. Be careful when putting the battery clip on. Avoid cutting the wires.
  • Avoid over-stretching the charging handle, as this can cause the spring to loosen.
  • When using auto-mode, limit the shooting time to 8 seconds to avoid stressing the gearbox.
  • After use, remove any remaining gel balls from the magazine by pressing the button on top of the magazine to unload them from the feeding tube of the magazine, then open the clip and remove them all. Always check for any remaining gel balls It is important to remove all gel balls from the magazine after use, as dried ones can cause feeding issues.
  • Always remember to unplug the battery after use.
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