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FAQ: What types of battery should you buy for gel blaster?

When you buy a gel blaster, you need to know the type of battery suitable for your gel blaster. Different gel blaster has different battery plug, and can handle different current size, most commonly 7.4v and 11.1v.

We will review the following areas related to gel blaster battery:

1. What are the common battery sets used in gel blaster

2. What are the common types of battery connector used by gel blaster


1. Review the common battery sets used in gel blaster

The voltage of a single battery is 3.7v, while the actual voltage of a single battery can go to 4.1-4.3v.7.4v battery set consists of two batteries.

2. Review common battery types used in gel blaster

Different battery plug have different resistance to the current flow of the electrical circuit in a gel blaster and will affect the performance of your gel blaster, here we order the resistance of different battery connector from large to small:

SM > Tamiya > XT60 > XT30 > XT30U

High end gel blaster usually comes with XT30 battery connector out of the box, premier gel blaster usually comes with Tamiya battery connector. Cost-effective gel blaster comes with SM battery connector. 

The battery comes with SM connector is usually smaller in size, the current size is around 1A - 3A(5A if you have a higher quality battery). If your gel blaster comes with a XT30 connector, it can shoots with a higher RPS given the same gel blaster and the same battery.

Gel Blaster battery 11.1v SM2P good quality USA Puerto Rico


Mini-tamiya: The current size that can be drawn from a battery with Mini-tamiya plug can reached 10-15A, which is a huge improvement compared to the gel blaster using SM adapter.

 Gel Blaster Battery 11.1v USA Puerto Rico what is mini-tamiya

3. XT30: The battery with XT30 plug can reach handle 30A at most. Funny example, if your gel blaster is getting a battery with 7.4v 1000mAh with XT30 plug, your gel blaster can shoots even faster than the same gel blaster drawing current from a battery with 1.1v 30000mAh.

gel blaster battery plug xt30 USA Puerto Rico

4. XT60: XT60 connectors are able to handle maximum 60A continuously. It is more commonly found in remote control toys like RC car and RC ship. The size of the XT30 and XT60 plug is much bigger than that of SM plug.

Review gel blaster battery plug xt60 ship to USA Puerto Rico




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