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FAQ: Can Gen 9 gearbox fits into Gen 8 gel blaster?

If your gearbox get broken, you may want to replace it with a new one. Can a v2 gearbox fit into a gen 8 gearbox? Can a v3 gearbox fit into a gen9 gearbox?

In this post, we will introduce the features of a Gen 8 gearbox. In the next post, we will explore more about other gearbox.


Table of content:

1. Introduction of Gen 8 gearbox

2. Gen 9 gearbox and some V2 gearbox


Introduction of Gen 8 gearbox


This is a Gen 8 gearbox. 

Compared to other gearbox, Gen 8 gearbox looks differently.

The gearbox already considered the position of the motor and t-piece, this highly minimize the installation difficulties of different parts, it is relatively easy to upgrade.

There is a mini-switch inside the gearbox, if the trigger touched on that switch, the circuit will be closed with current started to flow to the motor. Please note the green arrow in the photo. Due to this design, a gel blaster on Gen 8 cannot shoot with semi-auto mode (single shot)


Gen 9 gearbox


This is a Gen 9 gearbox.

Gen 9 gearbox is very different from the Gen 8 gearbox.


Photos of V2 gearbox 

There are a lot of gel blasters sitting on v2 gearbox. They are similar but not 100% compatible. Every time when you are buying parts for your gel blaster, be reminded to ask the seller on the compatibility of the part with your gel blaster.

This is an LDT V2 gearbox (LDT Warinterest V2 Gearbox):

This is an JINGJI SLR V2 gearbox:


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